What Makes a Great Photo? Expert Insight

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More than 3.2 billion photos get uploaded every single day. If you’re looking to stand out in that crowd, you need to make sure that you’re posting perfect photos.

When it comes to how to take great pictures, many of us are at a loss. Photography is so common that creative photography often gets lost in the noise.

To learn about the qualities of a great photo, keep reading. We’re sharing all of the photography tips you need to know.

1. A Great Photo Uses Light

Whether you’re drawn toward darker or lighter photos, light positioning matters. Light can wash a photo out or perfectly expose it. Alternatively, the absence of light can make a photo unseeable or mysterious.

It’s all about the way you balance the light.

The next time you’re taking a photo, you should try experimenting with the way that the light is facing. You may need to try a different angle or a different time (if outside).

If you get multiple photos with different shades of light, you’re bound to find the perfect photo that captured the light the way you wanted it to.

2. A Great Photo Evokes Emotion

Each photo should tell a story. That story may be different for each person. But, the photo should generate an emotion nevertheless.

No matter what you’re taking pictures of, there should be an underlying emotion. The simplest picture should spark something.

As you’re experimenting with your photos, look at them emotionally. Do you feel anything when you look at it? Are you inspired or sad or happy or angry?

After sharing the photo, you should keep in mind that others will interpret it as they please, too. There may be a million different interpretations for one photo.

3. A Great Photo Is Timed

Time can make all the difference. Taking a photo a second too late or too early can change it dramatically. This is true with sunsets, portraits, landscapes, and more.

If you’re working with a smoke bomb or other prop, timing is the most important aspect to consider.

As you’re preparing to take your photo, you should consider how you want it to look. And, you should think about what kind of timing you need to reach that goal.

4. A Great Photo Has a Clear Subject

A great photograph isn’t too busy. There’s a clear subject for the viewer to focus on. Other elements in the photo may improve upon the view of the subject. But, the subject is the main idea nonetheless.

When you’re taking photographs, you should consider the background view. There may be too much going on, which may make the photo distracting for viewers.

Sometimes, simplifying is the way to make a good photo into a great photo.

Get Out There and Capture Your Perfect Photos

Now that you know our creative photography tips on how to take a great photo, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

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