The Ultimate Spring Photography Guide for 2021

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After a long, cold, and dark winter, spring brings a fresh start and much nicer weather! With this change of season, comes a new opportunity for some really great photos! Spring is full of new growth, bright colours, and more. If you are looking for some ways to help you capture this gorgeous season, look no further. These tips will help you achieve your best spring photos yet!

1. Get Outside!


This one might seem like a no brainer, and it is probably the first thing you were going to do anyways. After being stuck inside all winter to avoid the cold, it feels amazing to get outside again and enjoy the spring weather.

Some of the first signs of spring can be spotted right outside your front door, so start by taking a walk through your neighbourhood. With the change of season, familiar places may begin to feel like brand new ones as your neighbourhood transitions into spring.

Springtime also brings longer days with more sunlight, making it easier to be outside more and take advantage of that golden hour!

2. Adjust to the Outdoors

Now that you are shooting outdoors once again, make sure you take a second to adjust your camera settings accordingly. Springtime light is brighter than in the winter, as there is more sun, and if you have been shooting indoors, than you will definitely have some settings to adjust!

One specific setting to watch out for is your white balance. When you are trying to capture the fresh, spring colours, make sure you adjust your white balance so that what you see in your screen matches what you see with your eyes.

3. Play with Shadows


With the longer days and added sunlight, also comes so interesting opportunities to play with shadows. Spring is all about the transition between winter and summer, so as the days get longer, pay attention to not only the changes in the light, but also in the shadows. Depending on where you live, the shadows will be longest in the early morning, or just before sunset. Experiment and see what types of interesting shapes and shots you can capture with the shadows!

4. Capture the New Growth


Take notice of the new plants and blossoms that are popping up around your neighbourhood. Their vibrant colours will completely transform the frame of your photo and give you some beautiful results! To make your florals pop in your photo, look for a neutral background so they can truly stand out.

5. Embrace the Rain


Although we love the sun and warmth that spring brings, it also tends to bring some rain! But, just because it is rainy, doesn’t mean you can’t be taking photos. The rain brings another change of light and scenery, and therefore another challenge! If you are brave (and are able to protect your camera!), you can step out into the rain and get some really great photos. Embrace the grey appearance of a rainy day, or maybe take a brightly coloured umbrella or rain boots to add a pop of colour to your rainy shoot. You can also capture the rain from inside a window and create some great effects.

6. Focus on More Than Flowers!


Although newly sprouted flowers are a major feature of spring, there are more spring-themed things out there that you can photograph to capture the essence of the season. Look for budding trees, dogs playing outside, birds that have returned and other animals that have come out of their winter hibernation, and people outside enjoying the first bits of real warmth. Spring means so many different things, so find creative ways to capture the season!

With each season, comes new photography challenges! Be creative and challenge yourself to find new angles and new things to capture that perfect shot!

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