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SUMMER SCENES_Lightroom Preset Pack

Summer Scenes Lightroom Presets

$7 $57

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✅ 5 Lightroom Mobile Preset compatible with the Lightroom App
✅ 5 Lightroom Preset the Lightroom desktop applications
✅ Import instructions for Mobile Presets
✅ Our helpful guide on basic adjustments

Ever since we were children, the summer has always held some of our most treasured memories. It’s the time when we don’t have classes and spend inordinate amounts of times with friends in the sun. Ice cream, swimming, and naturally lots and lots of photos taken! That’s why we are so excited to bring you our hand-crafted set of Summer Scenes presets! We are proud to bring you a set of presets that will give those sunny photos of yours style that will last you through the colder months. This pack works well with all lifestyle, fashion, landscape, portrait and travel images!