Spring Photoshoot Ideas

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With a new season comes new opportunities for photoshoots! Especially in the transition from winter to spring, there are tons of new options as we can finally be outside again. The sun is shining again, the weather is warmer, and colourful new flowers are blooming. The options are nearly endless! Keep reading for a few ideas to inspire your next spring photoshoot!

1. Bright Rubber Boots or Umbrellas

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Even though spring means sun and warmer weather, it can also bring a fair amount of rain. But this does not mean you will not be able to have your spring photoshoot! Embrace the rainy days and bring out colourful rubber boots, rain coats, and umbrellas to use as props in your photos. Even though the weather may be a bit grey and dreary, adding these props into your photos will add a gorgeous pop of colour.

2. Use Monochrome Colours in Spring Photos

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Ask your clients to dress is a colour palette similar to the location where you are having the photoshoot, especially is there are flowers or trees budding around the location. For example, if you are holding the photoshoot near cherry trees that are blossoming, have your clients dress in soft pinks and other soft hues that are found in that setting. The result will be some tender and unique photos.

3. Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry blossoms are a classic sign of spring, and are therefore a perfect idea for a spring photoshoot. Whether you are doing a portrait or family shoot, or taking photos of the blossoms themselves, you will get some perfect spring photos. Because of their colour, cherry blossoms will be the perfect pop of colour in your photos, rain or shine.

4. Rain

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Just like we mentioned with the rain boots and umbrellas, spring can bring some rain, but this is no reason to postpone your photos. A little bit of rain can bring impressive foliage and create bold colours in your environment. A good shoot in the rain can produce some awesome and unique photos.

5. Farmers Markets

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When spring comes around, many farmers markets will open up again. They are a great place to get fresh produce, flowers, and more, which also means that they will be filled with colour and great photo opportunities. There is also a lot of activity around farmers markets, and they can be a great way to capture your neighbourhood in a new way. People will start coming out again after the winter, and your neighbourhood will begin to wake up again, giving you a chance to photograph the transition.

6. Hunt for Wildlife

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Plants and trees are not the only things coming back to life in the spring. Birds are migrating back and other animals are coming out of hibernation. There will also be some new baby animals being born in the spring! So get out to your local parks, botanical gardens, and hiking trails and see what you can find. Observe the wildlife up close, and you can be sure to get some great shots that will capture the spring season perfectly.

7. Get Up For Sunrise

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Make the effort to get up for sunrise, and you will not regret it. Not only will you get some great photos, but you will be able to feel the energy as the birds begin chirp. Even though you’ll have to be up early, you’ll be able to capture the first rays of sunshine breaking through the sunshine, and it will all be worth it!

Of course there are many, many more ways you can capture the spring season, so be creative and photograph what spring means to you! Use these ideas as inspiration, and then go out and create some amazing photographs! For some tips on how to capture the best spring photos possible, check out The Ultimate Spring Photography Guide!