5 Wildlife Photographers To Follow On Instagram


There are so many disciplines in photography that it can be difficult to find a niche in such a saturated industry. One area of photography that can be covered anywhere in the world is wildlife photography. To be a wildlife photographer requires a lot of patience and adventure. Having the ability to wait for the right moment to capture the perfect shot is not easy to come by. Wildlife photographers sometimes find themselves traveling the world, discovering new landscapes and seeing animals that one can only imagine. We have compiled a list of our 5 favorite wildlife photographers found on Instagram.


@jimcummingphotography is a Canadian based wildlife photographer. Their account showcases the wintery landscape of Canada in all its glory. This photographer has a keen eye for capturing razor-sharp closeup images of any subject. Jim tends to shoot using a small aperture (probably around F2.8) to create a beautifully blurred background. It is quite mind-boggling how Jim gets his wild subjects to stay still and look into the lens. Each photograph displays an animal in their natural habitat striking a pose for this photographer. You will find a mix of different species on Jim’s page but there is a trend of amazing fox and wolf photographs. Even if the animal blends into the background Jim has the ability to separate the subject and create a cunning composition. Check out @jimcummingphotography for a taste of Canadian wildlife!


This account, owned and operated by Andrew Macdonald, is a very diverse account. Currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, this photographer takes photographs that can only be imagined in fantasy. Andrew does not only take breathtaking wildlife photos but also has a hand in landscape and some portrait photography. The type of wildlife photography displayed on Andrew’s page can only be described as ‘moody’. These images have such a raw feeling to them, which is quite special. The animals are captured in their untouched setting, with impeccable emotion. Typically, this photographer likes to capture these animals as they are feeding, with dark tones and sharp focal points. There are even close up photographs that have us wondering how this photographer makes it out alive. If you are looking for more than just a wildlife photographer you definitely need to head to @a.mac.photo on Instagram.



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“Elephant Dream”- It was like a dream. We had been watching about a hundred elephants head down to the bank of the Chobe River to drink. They came in family groups of 4-8 animals. Then as the sun set, they all departed as a group to roll in the dust and mud, right in front of our boat and with the sinking sun behind them. It was surreal. The dust pervaded the atmosphere and the sounds were incredible. All we could make out of the elephants were silhouetted shapes. But that was fine since they are unmistakable . . . . . #africa #botswana #chobenationalpark #choberiver #glatznaturephoto #elephants #loxodontaafricana @bbcearth @bbcwildlifemagazine @natgeo @natgeowild @natgeoyourshot #africanamazing #raw_africa_ @africangeographic @wildplanetphotomag #earthcapture #nanpapix #animalelite @nature_org @discovery.hd @discovery #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #nikond5 #silhouette #sunset

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@glatznaturephoto on Instagram is run by Shiela and David Glatz. This pair of wildlife photographers strives for adventure in every aspect of their travel experiences. Some of their preferred locations for travel include Kenya and Alaska. These two locations have such different landscapes that these photographers have the opportunity to capture a variety of wildlife. This page really captures the playful essence of the untouched wildlife in both regions. You’ll find images of elephants bathing, otters heading for a swim, and even mountain lions on the prowl. It is incredible how these photographers use the setting sun to create a stunning silhouette in their images. If you like all types of animals and want to observe such contradictory landscapes and the animals that inhabit them, head over to @glatznaturephoto on Instagram.


@casperdejager is an incredibly talented emerging wildlife photographer based in the Netherlands. This 19-year-old has already developed an incredible style. This feed is full of dark greens with a bluish hue, strong colouring in fur and texture as well as deep blacks to create depth. It is incredible how this photographer can capture such beautiful animals without sacrificing any sharpness in their focal points. Casper is clearly a lover of nature as they capture more than just wildlife, sharing photos of mushrooms and the surrounding forestry. So, if you are searching for a wildlife account that uses rich colours and rugged texture head over to @casperdejager on Instagram.


@miloburcham is an incredible wildlife photographer who captures any and all animals they see. Milo is a wildlife biologist currently working with the U.S. Forest Service in Cordova, Alaska. They have been photographing for over 20 years and have traveled the world studying and documenting a wide variety of creatures. Milo sticks to a fairly lightly edited style, keeping the colours and landscape as close to their natural state as possible. There are so many different species on this Instagram feed it is almost unbelievable! If you want to discover more about the animals that inhabit our earth and see some amazing photography skills, head to @miloburcham on Instagram.


Wildlife photography is so incredible as it allows photographers to uncover beautiful animals that may not otherwise be documented. This type of photography requires an immense amount of patience, wildlife knowledge, and overall proficiency with your camera gear. If you are an emerging photographer who is interested in this area of photography check out our blog post on How To Photograph Wildlife. Traveling unravels great opportunities in photography, but wildlife is all around us and is not restricted to any one location. Get outside, and photograph any and all creatures that inhabit your region, to gain the experience taking and editing these photos!