5 Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Street photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing the essence of humanity. These types of photographs are candid and present real, unposed moments. Street photographers are observers by nature and use their photography as a way of connecting with the world around them and capturing the moments they witness. Street photographers will play with unique and creative compositions to form aesthetically pleasing photos, but great ones also have something going on underneath the form of their photos. They communicate the stories or emotions of their subjects, and they force their viewers to think deeper about the feelings, ideas, stories, or issues that may be a part of the moment captured in each photograph.

Each of the five street photographers below has honed their craft and worked to become one of these storytellers. They all take incredible photos and share great stories through them. Keep reading to see their amazing work!



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Eric Veloso is the co-founder and director of a New York studio and magazine called Street Dreams Magazine. While his magazine focuses on highlighting talented photographers, his work deserves to be in the spotlight as well. Each of the photos in his feed is unique, as he plays with different compositions and the light and lines in each photo. If his photos feature a human subject, their face is generally off centre, towards the edge of the photo, or obscured entirely. Eric Veloso has a very unique way of capturing the things and people he sees around the city, and this makes his feed stand out from the crowd.



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Mikk Olli is a digital product designer, with a growing love for photography. He began experimenting with photography when he was 15, but as he grew up, he started to question why and what he was capturing in his photographs. While street photography is typically focused on people, Mikk realized that his minimalist and introverted self had been avoiding human subjects. After realizing this, he challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone and begin photographing people. Now, his feed is filled with beautiful portraits – predominantly in black and white – of people he comes across in the streets.



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Linda is a professional photographer and lens-based artist who specializes in fine art street, urban, and lifestyle photography. Her photography focuses on creatively capturing candid people, lifestyle, urban & city environments that convey a clear message, visual impact, or storytelling themes. With a mix of brightly coloured and black and white photos, Linda’s feed is filled with photos that communicate to the viewer that there is a deeply layered story surrounding that subject and they way they were captured in the photographer. Follow Linda for some incredible visual storytelling.



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Patrick McAllister is a professional photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began photographing wildlife and landscapes, but soon came to love roaming city steets and capturing life as he walked. Patrick’s feed is filled with beautiful street shots, with strong contrast and bright city lights to captivate viewers. In addition to his passion for photography, Patrick is passionate about writing, and will pair his photos with powerful stories. Patrick is a storyteller who hopes to keep his viewers’ attention locked in for more than just one glance.



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Ryan Tacay describes his images as going “beyond typical compositions to push the boundaries within the line of sight while incorporating familiar elements to create a visually pleasing sense of balance.” He then pairs his photos with a caption that could be anything from social commentary to wordplay to add an extra element to his work and make reading the captions as interesting as looking at the photos. Just like with traditional street photography, Ryan focuses on capturing the human condition and expressing a time or moment rather than a place. Each of the photos on his feed is unique, as they each work to capture a different story in a different way, but they all come together to create a feed filled with a collection of beautiful stories.

Each of these photographers has a unique style that they use to capture the stories and subjects they come across in the street. Each photograph is curated with a creative composition in order to ensure that story is presented as effectively as possible. Check out these accounts for some great street photography.