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Portrait photography is a classic and very traditional genre of photography, but that does not mean it has to be the typical cheesy, fake smile against a plain background. These days, many photographers and branching out and getting more and more creative with their portraits. They are working to create a shot that captures the unique personality of their subject and produce a photo their clients will truly love. This makes for a collection of truly unique photos, and over time, each photographer will hone their craft and develop their own recognizable style, creating a beautiful portfolio of portraits. Below is a list of 5 portrait photographers on Instagram who each have a distinct style, and use that to perfectly capture their subjects and put together beautiful Instagram feeds filled with gorgeous portraits.




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Chelse Lyn Photography is run by Chelse Hartley and is based in Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. Chelse’s bio states that she is a Midwest lifestyle photographer and focuses on real moments. This is obvious throughout all of her photos. When booking a shoot, Chelse asks her potential clients to tell her about themselves and what their ideal shoot looks like. This helps her to put together an experience that is tailored to each person and allows their personality to shine through. Her feed is filled with the products of these personalized shoots, which have been edited to highlight warm tones in the photos, combining Chelse’s personal editing style with the personalities she captured in the photos. The end result is a beautiful photo each client will be absolutely in love with.



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J. P. Lord Photography is run by Justyn Lord, who is a self-proclaimed “teller of stories”. Her passion for photography began at a young age, as she was always eager to create moments frozen in time. She also takes the time to get to know her clients before the shoot so she knows what type of shoot they are looking for and how she can go about capturing their stories and personalities in the photos she will take. Her shots are candid and filled with emotion and the warm tones in the photos make them even more impactful. No matter what she is shooting, whether it is a wedding, family, or lifestyle shoot, Justyn works hard to make sure she perfectly captures the story of the people she is photographing.



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Mirjam Kesting is a Netherlands based photographer who takes beautiful portrait photos of each of her clients. Many of her photos are close-ups on the subject face, which may seem intimidating, but each of these photos is beautiful in its own unique way. Because the photos are so close up, you can see the person’s facial features clearly, and as they stare straight into the camera, you feel as though they are looking right at you and you are looking straight into their soul. Some subjects are more serious, while others smile or laugh at the camera, and these variations in their facial expressions let their personality shine through in the photo. Alternating black-and-white and full colour on her feed, Mirjam has curated a beautiful portfolio of portraits you will love!



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Christopher Rocton is another portrait photographer that captures moody, warm photographs, but he puts his own creative spin on his photos. Many of the portraits on his feed feature the subjects with creative makeup or outfits that are not typical of a regular portrait or lifestyle photographer. Christopher’s artistic shots are interesting and always different, while still blending together enough to create a cohesive feed and show the style he has developed over his years as a photographer. Follow Christopher if you are looking for some inspiration for some artistic portrait ideas!



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Eva D’Hallium is a French portrait photographer, shooting portraits, weddings, and couples & families. The majority of her photos are taken outdoors and feature bright flowers and foliage, bringing pops of colour to many of her shots. Before a shoot, her clients will give her any requests they have for the shots they want, and Eva will work to make that happen. She wants to bring out that individual’s personality in the photos, just like any good portrait photographer. Eva’s style is unique and creative and the photos on her feed are colourful and captivating.

The mark of a good portrait photographer is being able to capture the personality of their subject in the photo. Each of these photographers works to make sure this happens for their clients by getting to know them first, asking if they have any requests, and then putting their skills as a professional photographer and artist to use to make that vision come alive. Though they all have their own unique styles, each one makes sure their photos tells a story and is something both they and their clients are in love with.