5 Mirrorless Photographers To Follow On Instagram


Mirrorless photography has been on the rise as of recently, expanding and growing in every aspect. The power in mirrorless cameras is now comparable to that of the top DSLR. For more details on the difference between mirrorless and DSLR cameras check out our blog post here. One major difference between a mirrorless camera and DSLR is that the size of the camera body is significantly smaller. With a smaller camera body it allows photographers to pack lighter and travel more. In this blog we uncover five photographers who take mirrorless photography to the next level on their Instagram feeds. These photographers create compelling images and tell amazing stories through the use of their handpicked camera gear. The range of creativity goes from urban street photography, portraiture and amazing landscapes.



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MUHDISMAIL is an amazing lifestyle and travel photographer utilizing the Olympus EM5 Mark III for all it’s worth. This photographer uses many different techniques of long exposure and patience to create compelling compositions. On this photographers feed you will find many different shots of urban street life and travel photos which allow for the use of storytelling. The most amazing part of this instagram feed is the use of dark tones which creates a moody photograph. You will also find many different pops of colour mostly coming from the sunset or sunrise wherever this photographer goes.



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Trevor Rodriguez is a 17 year-old Colorado based photographer who uses the Sony A series camera. This photographer takes their images one step further through image manipulation. What seems to be a simple photograph is transformed into a captivating composition. By utilizing image manipulation this photographer creates images that seem to be impossible in every day life. The imagination behind these photographs can only be described as spectacular. The attention to detail and focal points draws the viewers eyes to a single point.



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Andy is a travel photographer and part-time ICU nurse who uses the Sony Alpha series cameras. Travel photography can sometimes showcase boring touristy attractions, Andy takes this craft one step further in every image. This photographer utilizes not only their Sony Alpha series camera but also drone photography. This allows for wide angle photographs of the most amazing landscapes people can only dream of seeing. The way this photographer utilizes the colours and contrast of each setting is impeccable. It truly feels as though you are along on an adventure through these amazing countries with this photographer.



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nyroamer is a street and urban life photographer who uses the Sony Alpha series camera. This New York based photographer has taken to the streets to capture amazing candids of people in their every day lives. This photographer does not only stop at capturing the people of New York but the landscape that make it the “concrete jungle”. If you do not live in New York, this photographer allows you to experience the beauty of the “big apple” in all it’s glory. You’ll find a mixture of colour as well as black and white photos which utilize the bokeh of nearby lights. The aperture in these photographs is usually wide enough to create a smooth and soft backdrop for any subject.



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andrecameraroll is a portrait photographer based in Trier, Germany who uses the Sony A7 to capture stunning images. This photographer utilizes props, costumes, make up and light leaks to add compelling elements to their photos. The clarity of focus in these images is outstanding. This photographers Instagram feed is full of beautiful images which each tell their own story. The subjects in each photo are well-lit and extraordinarily posed to create a dynamic composition. It is clear that this photographer loves to shoot at a wide aperture which puts the subject in sharp focus and the background as a smooth blur. The use of bokeh in these images is the icing on the cake as to why this photographer deserves a spot on this list.

If you’re an emerging photographer or just someone looking for new inspiration these photographers are a perfect fit. Each photographer on this list has honed their craft to perfection. As the age of mirrorless cameras keeps growing these photographers remind us of how practice can make perfection!