5 Minimalist Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram


Minimalism is a growing trend in the world of photography lately, and it is easy to see why. In a world full of aggressive colours and overly saturated images, minimalism provides us with a refreshing visual break. Minimalism is characterized by simple lines, geometric patterns, strong shadows, and contrasting colours, taking on a “less is more” philosophy.

Minimalist photography also makes for stunning Instagram feeds! Because of this, a large portion of the Instagram community has taken to sharing photos in this style. This means a large collection of feeds that are filled with crisp whites with strong contrasts, minimal – but carefully calculated – pops colour, and neutral tones. The photos in these types of feed are carefully curated so that they can each stand on their own, but also fit perfectly into the feed as a whole.

Keep reading below for 5 Instagram minimalist Instagram accounts that you need to follow right now!



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Beyaz ve sade’s feed is another with crisp whites and bright lighting. She shares photos of cozy-looking living rooms and gleaming white kitchens, and aesthetically pleasing flat lays of various breakfasts and many cups of coffee. Each shot is perfectly staged with food, drinks, or flowers, and there is just enough colour in the photos to keep them interesting, but not so much that it is too bright. Each pop of colour is well planned and well placed!



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A post shared by Pippa?? (@_mylittlebookshelf_) on

Pippa runs @_mylittlebookshelf_ alongside her blog by the same name, and uses them to keep her followers up to date with what is currently on her little bookshelf. Her photos consist of flat lays featuring the books she is currently reading, cozy reading nooks, and shots of the places she explores in her free time. The colours in her shots are the perfect balance of crisp whites and warm tones, while creating a calming, minimalist style on her feed. Each of her photos fit together to create a gorgeous feed!



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A post shared by @katelynsabatine on

Katelyn’s feed is a collection of white and neutral tones featuring shots of flat lays, outfits, and the occasional landscape. Katelyn creates strong contrast in each of shots, making the objects in the photo pop against the white background. She keeps the colours in each of her photos consistent, making them all fit together beautiful as you scroll through her whole feed. The contrast in her photos makes the subject pop, without becoming oversaturated or overwhelming to your eyes.



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A post shared by noelle widdowson (@noellekramer) on

Noelle’s feed features more of a beachy theme than the other accounts on this list. Sharing minimalist shots of her at the beach, flat lays of shoes and outfits, and shots of palm trees with dusty pink sunset backgrounds, Noelle creates a beautiful aesthetic across her feed. The soft colours in her feed make for a visually appealing, but not overwhelming, feed.



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A post shared by Daria Zarówna-Giza (@dariazarowna) on

Daria adds a vintage vibe to the minimalist style on her feed. Her photos contain the perfect balance of creamy whites neutral, earthy tones for a splash of colour, and feature adorable coffee shops, historical European locations, vintage decor, and more. The simple subjects of her photos make for gorgeous photos and a great feed.

Each of these accounts presents their own take on minimalism, but encompasses it well. Make sure you check out each of these accounts if you are looking for a feed with a beautiful minimalist aesthetic!