5 Best Macro Photographers to Follow On Instagram in 2020

Macro Photographers

The goal of macro photography is to make small things – insects, flowers, or water droplets, for example – look larger than life. This style of photography can be difficult to master. You have to work with very shallow depths of field and long shutter speed. You must pay attention to very tiny details in order to get your shot, and you might even run the risk of your subject flying away!

Just like with any genre of photography, there are tons of fantastic macro photographers on Instagram. To save you some time scrolling through hundreds of accounts, we have compiled a list of 5 macro photographers you should be following on Instagram! These photographers each have their own unique style and have curated beautiful feeds filled with macro photographs. Check them out below!



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Bill Chu is a Houston-based macro photographer, who was inspired to start taking photographs by what he saw on Instagram. After some experimenting, he developed his own style and now specializes in macro photos of butterflies. The majority of his feed is filled with gorgeous photos of these vibrantly coloured insects. Though butterflies are his main focus, Chu also takes sweeping landscape photos and macro photographs of other small creatures and flowers.



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This macro photography account is run by Alina Dotsenko, and her photos feature a variety of subjects. Her feed showcases macro shots of water droplets, flowers, lights, snails, and more, but perhaps her most unique shots are the ones of snowflakes. Alina captures the magic of how unique each snowflake is in extreme macro shots that reveal every detail of the snowflake. The shots are captured using a backlight to ensure you can see every piece of the tiny snowflakes. The snowflake images are then placed on soft, multicoloured backgrounds, adding a gorgeous final touch to the images.



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Alan Shapiro is an Advertising Chief Creative Officer, whose passion for photography began as a simple hobby. Over the course of his career, he had worked with many talented photographers, and was envious of their craft, so he began to experiment with photography as a hobby to reduce stress and use as a creative outlet. His hobby soon became his passion. Now, Alan’s feed is filled with beautiful photos, predominantly macro, featuring vibrantly coloured tropical birds and flowers.



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Darren Gentle has a very distinct style of photography that he showcases on his account. His feed is filled with macro shots of flowers covered in water droplets, against a black background. The way he shoots and edits the photos makes the flower petals appear shimmery, and the black background makes the bright colours in the flowers stand out. The strong contrast creates a very unique look on his feed. The black backgrounds and metallic tones in the flowers create an almost mysterious look in his photos, adding an extra layer of interest to these unique shots.



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Patrick Scott has a completely different style than any of the other photographers on this list. While the others mainly photograph nature, Patrick finds tiny pieces of urban decomposition. His photographs capture peeling paint, crumbling bricks, and other pieces of decay around his city. Though this may sound like a bizarre subject to capture, Patricks photos are very interesting to look at and pleasing to the eye as they are well-composed and feature bright combinations of colours. The texture that he is able to capture from the peeling paint is captivating, and due to the nature of his subject, each photo is completely unique. Even if he took multiple photos of the same wall, the patterns and textures would be different in every shot.

Macro photography encompasses a wide variety of subject matter and possible styles, and each of the photographers in this list have taken this genre and made it their own. They have chosen their favourite subjects to photograph and developed their own style of photography, which they showcase on their carefully curate feeds. Make sure you check out each of these amazing photographers on Instagram for more great work!