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iPhone Photographers

In the past, you had to have access to an expensive, professional camera in order to capture high quality photos, and there really wasn’t a platform for you to share them on. With the rise of smartphones and social media, this is no longer true. With each upgrade and new release, smartphone cameras are getting better and better, making photography that much more accessible. Of course, just because your phone has a high quality camera, does not mean you are an excellent photographer, but there are many people out there who have an eye for photography and have learned to harness the power of the camera in their phone. The 5 photographers listed below make the most of the camera in their phone and capture beautiful, professional-quality photos.



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Kim Haggstrom is a Portland-based iPhone photographer who has curated a beautiful collection of photos. Many of her photos are feature neutral colours, with strong contrast, and the occasional pop of colour. Although she captures a wide variety of subjects, the composition and the colours of her photos make them fit seamlessly together in her feed. Kim is an expert at creating a composition in her photos that creates a very strong focal point in her photos. Many of her photos feature lines that come together to focus in on her subject and frame exactly what needs to be framed. Kim’s photos all come together to form a beautiful aesthetic on her feed.



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This French iPhone photographer shares photos of her life in Normandy and her travels. Many of the photos feature a blue and white colour scheme that makes all of her photos fit cohesively into her feed. With colourful buildings, ocean views, and flower-filled gardens, this photographer’s photos will give you a taste of what life in and around Normandy is like, and make you wish you were there!



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“Normster” is a Toronto-based iPhone photographer whose photos capture various snapshots of his life in the city. From foggy concert crowd shots, to the classic Toronto skyline featuring the CN Tower, and photos of their dog, this photographer captures it all. Many of the photos on this account feature bold colours and strong contrast, making each photo pop out of the feed. Follow @normster for some gorgeous iPhone photography, and a little peek into what is going on in Toronto!



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Dina Alfasi photographs a slightly different subject matter than the photographers listed above, choosing to focusing primarily on people, rather than cityscapes or garden shots. Each photo shows the personality of the subject and perfectly captures the feeling of the moment they were in when the photo was taken. Whether the subject is doing a trick on a bike or scooter, or is caught in a mundane moment like reading on the train on the way to work, each photo is beautifully composed and captures the moment perfectly.



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Hannibal Renberg is a French photographer who captures beautiful, artistic shots with just his iPhone. Like Dina Alfasi, he focuses primarily on people. His photos capture candid moments that he comes across in the streets of France as he goes about his life. His feed is mostly black and white, but this only helps to enhance the moments and emotions captured in his photos. Each photo truly tells a story of its own.

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If you are looking for some great new content to fill your Instagram feed, these photographers are great ones to follow! They have all developed their own personal style and know exactly how to capture a gorgeous photo.