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Lightroom Presets on Mobile

Yet another great thing about Lightroom presets is that they are not exclusively for desktop use! All of your favourite presets can be used on mobile as well. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky getting them set up and ready to use, but with the steps we have for you below, you will be able to get your presets installed in no time!

There are two methods to getting your Lightroom Presets onto your mobile device.

Method 1:
You use Lightroom CC on your computer already.

Method 2:
You’re strictly using a mobile device.

Learn how to use Lightroom Presets on Mobile

Lightroom Presets on Desktop

Adobe Lightroom has become the most popular editing suite for photographers around the world. Lightroom provides users with a massive array of tools they can use to edit their photos so that they are looking their best. Editing photos in Lightroom is simple and intuitive, and for most photographers, this is the only editor they will need!

If you’ve just bought a brand new pack of presets, I’m sure you are excited to use them! Sometimes getting your presets installed and ready to use in Lightroom can be tricky though. If you follow the steps below, installing your presets will be a breeze and then you can get right to editing!

Learn how to install Lightroom Presets on Desktop

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What are the benefits of using Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets have become incredibly popular editing tools, and for a good reason! By allowing you to simply import settings to your photos rather than having to apply all the settings on your own, presets are a great way to get instantly better looking photos. Presets are especially helpful if you are a beginner and are unsure of what to do with all the tools available to you in Lightroom. Even if you are a professional, though, presets can be a great time-saving tool that will take your photos to the next level!

Despite these benefits that can be seen right away, some people are still skeptical of presets and whether they are something you really need to invest in. Are you one of them? If you are, then keep reading to learn some of the fantastic benefits of using Lightroom presets to edit your photos!

Read more about the Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets

What’s included in our preset packs?

✅ .XMP files (all these custom preset files are compatible with Lightroom Desktop as well as Adobe Camera Raw!)
✅ .DNG files (these are your Mobile Presets for Lightroom Mobile)
✅ Step-by-step installation guide for both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom.

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